Huys Welding Strategies Delivers Solutions

Huys Welding Strategies Limited is the engineering consulting company that grew out of internationally acclaimed welding innovator, Huys Industries Ltd.

As a complete resistance welding solutions company, Huys Industries manufactures and sells a full range of standard resistance welding consumables, including standard electrode shapes, shanks, and adapters, as well as custom-made products. Over the past 25 years, Huys Industries has consistently laboured to reduce costs in quality welding which has resulted in numerous patents and innovations. Notably, advancements such as the FIRSTWELD™ program, COST PER WELD program, and the patented family of TiCAP™ coated electrodes have propelled Huys into the limelight as a leader in the industry.

Huys Welding Strategies provides customers with the tried, tested, and proven technologies and programs that have been honed by Huys Industries. The Welding Strategies division identifies and recommends solutions on a variety of subjects including customers' welding issues, process optimization, and cost reduction.

Customers utilizing programs such as FIRSTWELD™ capitalize on Huys' years of research, experiences, and successes to improve their own productivity and processes.
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